Cloud Primero

Cloud Primero creates novel solutions by connecting computing vision’s services with other systems, like ERP, CCTV, or POS. Our team has developed specialized computer vision applications with complex components like object classification, recognition of features, segmentation, pattern recognition, object recognition, filtering, and a lot more to respond to the business issues of varied sectors.

Providing Custom Computer vision Application Development

We create solutions with computer vision with object grading, function recognition, segmentation, pattern identification, object detection, and filters capable of computer vision.

Tensorflow Services

TensorFlow facilitates the deployment of algorithms and system integration to deliver high-performance capabilities with minimal coding. It makes it easy to construct mobile and web-based solutions, implement agile technologies and streamline your business process with our expert development team.

We have expertise in the following areas:

Creating precise ML models to recognize intelligent objects

Build systems that learn from large or diverse datasets

Create robust applications for image processing

Train a quantization model easily

OpenCV Services

We enable you to become a predictor by recognizing facial features, identifying your optical elements, translation from image to image, gestures, mobile robotics, motion tracking and processing, picture classification, segmentation, etc.

We have expertise in the following areas:

Visual representation

Image recovery from content

Deep learning image recognition

Recognition of Management

Video analysis in real-time

Analysis of facial expressions

Solutions of Deep Neural Network

Development of cybersecurity apps

Restore and rebuild images

Analysis of the ID document

Identification of real-time item

Automating your business workflows

Data preparation

We support the development of precise dataset volumes with annotation and verification of data by labeling videos and photos.

Model Design

Choose the correct model architecture for sequence prediction, such as OpenCV, TensorFlow, and the custom design of RNNs, LSTMs, CRFs, and HMM models.

Model Optimization

To construct high-performance computer vision applications, we improve the OpenCV, TensorFlow, and other framework and GPU modules.

Integration system

To specify and configure systems according to the company’s and customers’ requirements, we design, create, and integrate vision applications into products and services.

Application Development

We develop business-related programs for retail, automotive, robotic, monitoring, security, etc.


Our Masterwork in Computer Vision

Cloud Primero has created an application for JOGO that uses AI to observe the exercises done by the players, and it ranks them based on the resultant metrics. Thus, it provides youth clubs with a complete solution that uses advanced data technology (AI, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, sensor tech) and 200 data points to give a never-before-seen 360-degree view of a player’s potential.


Let`s work together!

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will call you back to explore possibilities of helping you with your business ambitions.

Let`s work together!

Send us your details and one of our business analysts will call you back to explore possibilities of helping you with your business ambitions.