Cloud Primero

Case Studies.

Showcasing the latest and finest work done by Cloud Primero for its clients.

Co-founders of ClickDrive were actively searching for technology partners which can help them build a robust platform that brings driving tutorials at your fingertips. Discover how Cloud Primero was able to deliver world-class web and mobile applications for driving students and instructors within the 3 months time frame.

Jogo is set to make a major impact by revolutionizing the world of football. Learn more on how Cloud Primero made a brilliant idea of a virtual football training app into a reality by using state-of-the-art data collection and the power of Computer vision which connects the footballing talents to coaches and managers all over the world.

Learn how Cloud Primero B.V. delivered a comprehensive suite of applications with the core CRM built on top of Salesforce Lightning Platform as customized experience that catered to Properti AG’s unique processes and workflows.