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8 Reasons to Switch to Salesforce in 2022

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Businesses in 2022 use Salesforce’s cutting-edge CRM and techniques to streamline operations, find new income streams, and develop unique customer experiences tailored to each consumer. Since CRM software is now more readily accessible than ever before, many providers and solutions fight for market share.

In this congested CRM industry, just one company has established itself as the dominant player. A San Francisco-based cloud software firm, Salesforce, evolved from a start-up in 1999 to an industry juggernaut and a household brand.

If you’ve ever wondered why Salesforce is so popular with enterprises across the globe, this blog article will answer that question for you.

Why Use Salesforce for Your Business?

Let’s talk numbers here. According to a salesforce report, Companies that switch to Salesforce usually see an 

  • Overall 25% increase in revenue and ROI 
  • 35% increase in customer satisfaction
  • With a 34% increase in productivity

You may want to have Salesforce develop your advertising systems and efficiency. This product has a lot of advantages that will help your organization’s development in astonishing ways.

There are a lot of advantages that this product offers to undertakings. Having Salesforce in your association will be worth the effort. Following are some points on why you should use Salesforce:

1. Excellent Reputation

Salesforce has built a reputation as a cloud computing and social business software-as-a-service market leader. When it comes to CRM, Salesforce is one of the most well-known companies globally, and “CRM” is even used as a ticker symbol on Salesforce’s New York Stock Exchange. In addition, international Data Corporation has ranked Salesforce the #1 CRM supplier for the last five years, making it one of the most recognized companies in the industry. According to one report by Salesforce, more than 88% of Fortune 100 companies use at least one product of Salesforce. 

With Salesforce, some of the world’s biggest and best-known organizations rely on customer relationship management (CRM) software. However, beware of the misconception that Salesforce is only appropriate for large corporations; each Salesforce deployment may be extensively tailored to match the requirements of any company, including small and mid-market corporations.

2. Top-notch Product

Salesforce CRM, which has been on the market for more than 20 years, is a powerful, secure, highly adaptable, scalable, easy-to-use, and proven solution. As a result of Salesforce’s multi-tenant design, any client, no matter which version they buy, gets access to the same resources and platform. In addition, for firms in various industries, Salesforce provides industry-specific features. Salesforce CRM is the CRM of choice for more than 150,000 companies users because of these characteristics.

3. Robust Ecosystem

Salesforce boasts an extensive ecosystem of customers, programmers, and partners in addition to a solid, robust product. Connect with other customers, ask for help, and provide feedback to Salesforce in the Salesforce Success Community. In addition to being a site for developers and authorized partners to sell and distribute applications, AppExchange is also a place for users to buy and download apps.

There are a variety of Salesforce partners available to assist clients with anything from application development to software deployment and everything in between via Salesforce’s partner ecosystem. Customers may quickly identify a certified partner or a trained Salesforce administrator thanks to this partner ecosystem.

4. Secure

Studies reveal that the cloud is safer than on-premises traditional systems despite the hand-wringing cloud security over the years. However, there is some truth to the issue, given the prevalence of cloud data breaches and that many firms keep sensitive and confidential information on the cloud.

Salesforce has a team of engineers and data security experts on standby to guarantee that the cloud and your data are never in danger.

5. Pay-as-you-use model

With Oracle and SAP charging exorbitantly fixed monthly or yearly fees for hardware, software updates, and support, Salesforce initially entered the market. To shake up the pricing model, Salesforce introduced a per-user charge, invoiced yearly. This is a strong indication that Salesforce is the market leader in the cloud-based business application space.

Salesforce CRM is available in four different editions. Upgrades are included in the purchase of each edition; you don’t have to pay more for new features. But, first, I want to mention a few things about Salesforce updates. 

6. Backwards Compatibility

Anyone unfamiliar with the concept of backward compatibility should know that it refers to any software and hardware system that can use data and interfaces from previous versions of that same system. For example, suppose you have a Salesforce installation that has been custom-built. In that case, you can be confident that periodic updates will not damage anything or harm any of the hard work you’ve invested in your system. Having backward compatibility is an excellent option since it reduces the amount of downtime throughout a system upgrade.

You won’t have to be concerned about manually upgrading your CRM since Salesforce automates all updates.

7. Always Improving

Salesforce was sculpted in the crucible of innovation to be one of the first cloud-based CRM systems on the market. From strategic alliances to acquisitions to product innovation in hot-button areas like AI (as seen here in Salesforce Einstein), Big Data, data analytics, and bot technology, the firm has never lost sight of its beginnings. It continues to explore innovative ways to enhance digital product and services.

Salesforce has been lauded by peers and business tastemakers alike for its dedication to innovation. Since 2011, Forbes has called firm one of the top three most innovative companies globally, while Fast Company placed it as one of the top 50 most successful companies in 2017.

8. Lesser Implementation Time

The execution time for Salesforce is a lot lesser than any other regular CRM tool, reducing the Go-Live period. In addition, the component rich arrangement can be designed effectively, and regardless of whether any customization is required, it tends to be fused in a methodical request without any problem.


There’s comfort in knowing that you’re obtaining industry-leading digital product and services and doing great for the world at some point, even if philanthropy isn’t a priority for your firm.

The list keeps growing and growing. Cloud Primero can help your company switch to Salesforce from any other platform. We are particularly suited to manage even the most difficult Salesforce project and assist our customers in reaching their business goals because of our familiarity with the system and our super talented team. Get in touch with our Salesforce consultant to know more about its benefits and how you can switch to Salesforce. 



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