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What is Salesforce [Ultimate Guide 2022]

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What is Salesforce 

Salesforce is considered one of the Best Global Brands and has a significant influence on the tech industry. However, its popularity does not come from cloud-based services but rather its highly scalable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.


Salesforce essentials:

This service provides CRM to small businesses. With a $25 annual subscription, you benefit from limited features such as sales and customer support tools, email tracking, account, social channel management, and report generating.

Salesforce Sales Cloud:

As the name suggests, this cloud service is directed to the sales team, which helps in opportunity, lead and sales performance management, report generation, and sales forecasting as some features.

Salesforce Service Cloud:

The Service Cloud helps the customer support team to provide personalized and quick support services to your customers. With its multi-channel support and knowledge base as some of its main features, it becomes easier for the team to provide relevant resolutions. 


Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

This platform is dedicated to the marketing team who can easily connect to Sales or Service Cloud and create a link between them and the customers through SMS, email, and social platforms.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

The cloud provides an e-commerce solution with its Software as a Service (SaaS) model. It uses AI, applications, and other tools to customize the CRM based on your needs. It further provides deeper insights by linking sales, commerce, IT, and other departments while also providing your business a technical roadmap.

Salesforce Experience Cloud:

The Experience Cloud allows you to build interactive sites and applications while also being integrated with other Salesforce cloud products, allowing you to produce personalized content while also allowing customers to access their data fast.

Salesforce 360 Platform:

This is an all-in-one CRM solution that promotes internal collaboration as it combines all services from commerce to IT under one platform. Furthermore, it reduces the workload by using AI for automation, introducing tools to improve collaboration, and creating a hub to provide free training. 

Salesforce Industries:

The name says it all; the product provides industry-centered solutions to businesses designed for their needs. From media to education, it aims to provide better sales and improve services for the company.

Lightning Platform/

Salesforce introduced their platform,, which can create third-party applications and hosted on their application marketplace. While passing the Platform as a Service (PaaS) model, users can make applications quickly and with ease. is a social performance management platform that helps companies track employees’ performance and deliver feedback to their teams. This service is ideal for the Human Resources department.



Being a service that comes with the App Cloud model, users can access multiple apps made on the platform, either free or available with yearly or monthly subscriptions. Additionally, the apps available can help companies reach out to cloud consulting partners and also look for solutions for their systems. 



myTrailhead is an online training platform designed to provide content and allow users to make their own. This service aims to increase productivity and customer satisfaction as it streamlines the onboarding process.

Blockchain Platform

This low-code-based platform aims to provide blockchain networks, smart contracts, and decentralized apps integrated within the CRM. It is directly integrated into the Salesforce platform and also enables data automation in the Lightning Platform.


1. Fastest Path From Idea to App
2. Fast, Easy, and Efficient to use
3. Easy Access and Collaboration on Cloud
4. Scalable and Seamless Integration of Third-Party Apps Affordable


1. Not Helpful for Small Businesses
2. Users May Face a High Learning Curve
3. No Control Over System Upgrades and Planned Downtimes
4. Memory and Certain Actions Have Limitations
5. Expensive as Compared to Other CRMs


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