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What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud​ is a B2C and B2B commerce solution developed by Salesforce. Commerce Cloud is a multi-tenant, cloud-based commerce platform that encourages businesses to create smarter buying experiences across multiple channels. The service is made for anyone responsible for their brand’s store and customer experience and looking to grow through the digital medium.


How does it help your business?

Predictive Intelligence

Commerce Cloud allows you to know the next step of your customers. Salesforce’s Einstien AI eliminates the use of third-party extension and makes data analysis more effortless, and further helps in suggesting the best products, creating a one-to-one prediction for each customer, providing data-driven insights, and automating tasks.

Enhanced Marketing Tools

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, managing and sharing product information, content, and images become more convenient for retailers and effectively connecting with customers. The Cloud also provides many other tools to launch campaigns, run promotions, use SEO tools for effective keywords, etc.

Customization and Scalability

Salesforce Commerce allows you to design your experience. The product enables price integration of new technologies and scalability while efficiently managing traffic spikes and sites in multiple languages and regions. Moreover, with the Page Designer, editing the sites becomes easier with simple drag and drop.

Unified Commerce

Information on customers’ history with your product and interaction with your business help you personalize their journey to offer products they would be interested in, aiding you in doing a customer-centric company.

Responsive Mobile Design

Salesforce’s product provides a user-friendly interface and optimized mobile app designed for customers to have a seamless shopping experience. Not only does it make eCommerce possible on the go, but it also streamlines tasks and gives more opportunity for your product to rank higher on google searches.

Key Features

Commerce Cloud Digital

With Commerce Cloud Digital, mark your store’s presence on social media, access optimized mobile payment, search and improve the overall customer experience.

Global Storefronts

With Commerce Cloud, you can manage many stores at a global level, product data sets, billing, pricing, product stock, etc., at your eCommerce site.


Omnichannel allows the interaction of retailers and customers across all channels, such as social media, emails, calls, etc. It also provides real-time inventory management through the said channels to show the product’s availability regardless of the location.

Commerce Portals

Engaging with customers on portals and loyalty programs will lead you to establish long-term relationships with them. Providing news and updates on products and the company itself keep your audience well informed and will help enhance the shopping experience.

Order Management

The Order Management software allows you to improve the delivery process of orders worldwide, automate the payment process, and manage returns and cancellations.

Einstein AI

Einstein AI lets you tailor the personal shopping experience for users with Product Recommendations, provide better search results with Search Dictionaries and Search Recommendations and analyze shopping behaviors using Commerce Insights.

Pricing Editions

The plans Salesforce offers for Commerce Cloud caters to both B2B and B2C with different features and add-ons. However, they follow the same structure for pricing:


  • The Starter edition gives you essential tools to start your e-commerce business, including one site, two price books, and 750,000 credits for the on-demand sandbox.


  • This offers the same features as Basic but with an increased number of sites (5 sites), price books (10 books), and credits for on-demand sandbox (1.2million).


  • The Plus aims to provide the ultimate cloud experience with an unlimited number of sites, price books, and 2million credits.

  • The plans do not have definite price tags. For B2B services, the price depends on order volume as opposed to B2C, which depends on the gross merchandise value.

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