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What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud is one of many Salesforce platforms catered explicitly for your company’s marketing team to deliver your message across to your customers. The platforms offer customer journey management email, mobile, social, web personalization, advertising, content creation and management, and data analysis.


How does it help your business?

Customer Companies

Many companies use Marketing Cloud, benefiting from getting a 360-degree view of their customers and engaging more effectively with them on multiple channels, making their experience more personalized. By taking advantage of its features, your company can claim to be a “customer company.”

Effective Digital Advertising

Marketing Cloud’s Advertising Studio helps you reach out to your customers through any device or platform using identity-based targetting. This way, you can easily reach out to your target audience. Moreover, the feature lets you access customer information such as purchase history, web browsing, and email engagement, allowing you to post relevant ads on social platforms.

Manage Customer Journeys

Customer journeys refer to a customer’s relationship and lifelong experience with your services in any way, such as employee interaction, visiting your site, product use, etc. With cross-channel marketing and convenient data collection, you can make better decisions, devise smarter communication strategies, and provide personalized interaction.

Key Features

Marketing Cloud provides you a vast catalog of tools to build and manage your customer journeys.


Journey Builder

With a growing customer base, keeping track of every one of them becomes almost impossible. However, with Journey Builder, you can use multiple channels (email, mobile, advertising, website, IoT, etc.) to engage with your customers, keep track of them and provide a more personalized experience.

Email Studio

Email Studio helps you reach out to your customers with the utmost ease. With this feature, you can communicate with the ideal audience using filter tools and subscriber lists, automatically import and filter data, make customizable email templates, and benefit from customer segmentation capabilities.

Mobile Studio

Mobile makes marketing possible on the go. You can now reach out to your customers from any device by customizing your mobile messaging and push notifications. Among many possibilities, you can engage better with your audience by sending them personalized messages and analyzing and tracking their interactions.

Social Studio

Social Studio enables you to listen, post, and engage over popular channels. With the feature’s massive toolset, gathering market intelligence, tracking trends, streamlining processes, managing the company’s social platform, and publishing on social media now becomes possible.


Advertising Studio

Advertising Studio is your digital advertising solution. With it, you can seamlessly harness data from different Clouds, integrate your advertising with other services, and generate more leads with Google search optimization and Facebook ad campaigns.


Having data under one dashboard and the ability to manipulate it saves you the hassle and increases productivity. With Datorama, centralizing data becomes possible, enabling you to unify your data across channels and connect them with AI. With AI insights, you can visualize your existing data and reduces the time to analyze with regression modeling and statistical analysis.


Interaction Studio

Interaction Studio is Salesforce’s real-time personalization and interaction management solution. This makes personal insights of customers, AI optimized recommendations, cross channel engagement, and performing A/B tests possible with a few clicks.

Data Studio

Data Studio provides a solution for audience discovery, data acquisition, and data provisioning. The tool aids you in finding potential audiences and partnerships while also maximizing your revenue by having complete control over sharing and managing your data.

Google Analytics 360

Gain access to advanced marketing solutions from Google Marketing Platform. With the power of Google Cloud and Google’s machine learning capabilities, you can access new insights and understand your customers better. In addition, with tag management, optimization of web experiences, and convenient integration of Salesforce and Google Cloud, you can quickly boost your marketing efforts.



Pardot is a B2B Market Automation tool that helps you boost sales and increase leads and productivity. Automatically send emails, messages, and personalized texts, generate leads with SEO and SEM integration and event tracking, and calculate market ROI by saving customer data and sharing key insights.



Pricing Editions

As compared to other clouds, Salesforce provides multiple pricing options for users of the Marketing cloud. It offers packages for different features of the cloud:

B2B Marketing Automation (Pardot)


  • This is a basic package that provides you with essential tools.
  • It has per month for up to 10,000 contacts and gives access to lead generation, qualification and management, and email marketing and personalization.


  • You can upgrade your growth plan with additional features like advanced automation, personalization, qualification, analytics, and reporting.


  • This edition is the most popular among customers. You gain access to tools from the previously mentioned editions and get tools such as business units, developer sandboxes, and Salesforce Einstein AI.


  • Premium gives you the ultimate experience as it provides predictive analytics and personalized product support, per month for up to 75,000 contacts.

Email, Mobile, and Journeys


  • The bundle provides the basic necessities for you to start your marketing journey. You can access email marketing, content creation, and its integration with Sales Cloud.


  • If you want to expand the existing capabilities of the Basic edition (features like Predictive Analysis and better automation capabilities).


  • The Corporate edition offers all the previous features but with additional features such as journey builder, mobile messaging, and Einstein AI.


  • Unlock the Cloud’s full potential with Enterprise. It provides all the features of Corporate with an extra capability to manage multiple businesses. However, the price is not fixed as the quotation depends on contact and message volume.

Social Studio


  • The edition gives you enough tools to start your social media marketing journey, such as Salesforce CRM Integration, brand listening, engagement, community engagement, and social care. It allows up to 20,000 monthly mentions and two social accounts.
  • With the additional $500/org USD/month, you can also access the feature to publish across social networks.


  • Corporate is the upgraded version of basic, you can increase your capacity to up to 250,000 mentions and ten social accounts. Publishing across social media also becomes part of the deal.


  • With all the Pro essentials, you get to have up to 1.5 million mentions and 20 social accounts.


  • Enjoy the unlimited experience with no cap on monthly mentions and handle over 20+ social accounts.



  • Starter gives access to Datorama’s tools such as marketplace, data integration engine, harmonization center, data visualization, and AI insights for up to 10 users and 3 million rows for data.


  • Growth has all the features Starter has but with the increased capacity of users and rows (20users and 20million rows).


  • The package allows 80 users and over 100 million rows. However, there is no fixed price for the package as it depends on the number of rows.

Advertising Studio

Salesforce offers one package for the feature. Charging $2,000 per month, Salesforce activates your CRM data for advertising, automatically refreshes audiences, and provides real-time live capture, journey builder advertiser, and security and access controls.


Google Analytics 360

This tool goes with the price tag of $12,500 org/USD/month, under which you have complete access to the system, integrate it with the Marketing Cloud, and benefit from the Tag Manager 360.


With $5,000org/USD/month more, you get the best Google Analytics experience with Optimize 360 in the package.


Salesforce Contact Management System

With $10,000 org/month, you are provided with tools such as experience builders, headless APIs, and “out-of-the-box-integrations” while getting an unlimited access to channels supported and contact records, types, and served.

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