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A CRM software allows enterprises to target multiple audiences, create scores and alerts, proactively work with contacts, and manage connections depending on their specific lead or customer activities. Best of all, a department-wide CRM system can be leveraged to ensure that any team that targets the customer has the correct data to provide an amazing customer experience.

What Benefits you can get from Salesforce Implementation

We make sure that our solutions are dynamic and adaptable to changing demands of the business, which is why our Salesforce Implementation experts and consultants know the industry and can help you set it up in no time with the following benefits:

Consistent Automation of Business Processes

We automate several sales and customer service processes, such as discounts, prospect monitoring, and case prioritization. In addition, we can use the default Salesforce process automation or code-based customization functionality depending on your business needs to automate corporate complexity business processes.

Structured Approach

Practicing a phased solution delivery approach and supplying a solution that works with the project will keep the cost under control and comply with your requirements. Thus, we can first deliver the core functionality for large implementation projects and complement it with a subsequent additional feature.

Convenient Salesforce Solution for End Users

Cloud Primero knows how to offer an easy and helpful experience for Sales managers, salespeople, customer service managers, and agents in working with a solution from Salesforce.

Improved Internal Processes

Salesforce Implementation can improve any business organization’s overall sales process and help with the exceptional delivery of products. This can help your company provide your customers with the expected service and reach your sales objectives without any difficulty.

Our Salesforce Implementation process




We analyze your current business requirements and define business goals (whether it increases the sales team’s productivity, reduces long sales cycles, or creates a wide range of client views). Consequently, we develop ways of achieving your business goals using the functionality of Salesforce and consider the necessary adaptations and integrations to meet your requirements fully.



Customization and Setup

We can tailor your Salesforce solution to the complexity, cost, and level of platform modification in two different ways. Setup involves modifying default Salesforce capabilities using point-and-click tools. On the other hand, customization is a development process that allows you to customize your Apex code platform further if major changes are needed to achieve your business goals.



Integrating third-party Systems

Our solution architects link your Salesforce solution to operate efficiently with third-party systems, such as eCommerce platforms, document management systems, ERP, and make data fluxes more visible among connected apps.



Transferring Data from existing CRM

We move your data in the new Salesforce solution smoothly with any data loss or corruption. The data remains highly organized and ready to use after migration due to the analysis and structuring of your old information before migration. In addition, we establish data structuring principles to promote additional data quality after the migration (for instance, same rules, which occur when a user views a record with duplicates or starts creating a duplicate record).



Training your Salesforce users

We provide Salesforce training to boost user adoption and assist users in adapting to the capabilities of the solution from Salesforce, make the best possible use of standard and customized features from Salesforce and promote employee productivity.



Launch and its After-launch support

After the creating a custom-based Salesforce solution and testing by QA engineers in the development environment, the solution is transferred to a UAT environment in which customer representatives can try the solution’s functionality and ensure it works as necessary. Should the customer accept the project, Cloud Primero professionals launch the new salesforce solution to the production environment. Furthermore, at the beginning of Salesforce use, we provide an after-launch on-demand support service in user adoption and training.

We are the Salesforce Implementation partner you need

Salesforce implementation requires a deep understanding of the client’s business goals, challenges, and business operations. At Cloud Primero, we value inclusivity and collaboration. Therefore, our development and consulting teams are always on the same page when designing Salesforce solutions. Therefore, we can ensure that our implementation will meet your specific requirements and give you the edge that your sales team needs. We also strive to work closely with our client’s Salesforce administrator and help them finetune their business processes and make the best use of their Salesforce instance.

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will call you back to explore possibilities of helping you with your business ambitions.

Let`s work together!

Send us your details and one of our business analysts will call you back to explore possibilities of helping you with your business ambitions.