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What is Service Cloud?

Service Cloud is considered a pioneer in cloud-based sales force automation. With Service Cloud, you can streamline and automate service processes and surface key articles, topics, and experts to provide a personalized experience to the customers through multiple channels.

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How it Helps Your Business

Salesforce proudly claims that Service Cloud provides a“360 view of a customer” while also providing a secure experience. With an easy-to-use interface and convenient tools, the Service Cloud offers you can exponentially improve your customer support services and have higher customer satisfaction rates.

Agent productivity

Sales Cloud provides agents tools such as email to case, skills-based routing, macros, and milestone tracking to quickly and efficiently respond to customers through any medium. A dense knowledge base and access to company experts help your business to provide technical expertise on service questions.

Mobile Solutions

As customers engage your mobile app, they would need support services within the product too. Service Cloud providing Snap-ins, which let you embed customer support directly into your apps, from case management to SOS. This also allows live agent video chat, screen sharing, and on-screen guided assistance. Salesforce’s self-service communities are responsive on any device, allowing companies to create a single branded community where your customers can easily find the answers they need anytime.

Social Customer Service

With the multichannel integration of social platforms, you can listen and respond to customers across apps such as Facebook, text messaging, etc., and promptly route social cases to the right agent. As a result, your team gains a comprehensive picture of the customer before responding. This empowers agents with the ability to engage customers on social channels.

Higher Satisfaction Rates

If a case takes time to resolve or the number of unsolved cases is higher, the overall satisfaction rates plummet. However, with Service Cloud, you can solve issues more efficiently. Case management reduces errors, while tools like macros and saved templates increase agents’ productivity, allowing them to handle cases quickly and effectively, which leads to higher customer satisfaction rates.

Self Service Community

Providing self-service involves showcasing your knowledge base and offering case management to customers so they get answers to their questions themselves anytime, anywhere. This allows agents to focus on solving more complicated issues. In addition, by creating an internal self-service community for your employees, they can collaborate around content and business processes.

Monitor Your Performance

It is essential to know where your customer support stands, especially when the company searches for places to improve. With Service Cloud, you can gather data on the overall performance of your team. The product allows you to make customizable reports and use tools such as Service Analytics to gather better insights on how to improve their current service quality.


Key Features

Service clouds offer a lot of features that make it a perfect solution for service-oriented companies, proving to be a good investment in the long run:

Omnichannel Routing

Omnichannel helps you deliver smarter service by automatically matching cases from all channels (Facebook, live chat, messaging, community sites, and so on) to the agent with the best skill set to solve them.

Case Management

The system helps you solve cases faster with easy visibility of all cases and a record of every customer interaction through all channels, all on a streamlined dashboard. It also allows case prioritization to agents by specifying parameters.

Knowledge Management

Agents can access the company’s knowledge base to find answers and resolve cases faster while also creating resources to keep the base updated and improve the service quality.


Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Service Cloud allows integration with the most popular CTI systems. In addition, it allows you to log notes instantly when customers call and manage calls from within the console without using your phone.

Automation with Macros

Agents can now concern themselves with more complex cases by automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks and providing solutions to customers effectively.

Lightning Service Console

Increase agent productivity with the Service Console. It provides you details of each case with ease, including state, history, customer, and account information, making it easier to search through the knowledge base.

Asset and Order Management

This tool allows you to track and view customers’ assets, orders, support history, and other activities in one place, making access easier.


Pricing Editions

As compared to other clouds, Salesforce provides multiple pricing options for users of the Marketing cloud. It offers packages for different features of the cloud:


  • Essentials is a place concentrated on small businesses, having smaller sales teams.

  • It gives access to basic tools such as sales tasks and reports, email integration, Salesforce Mobile App, and lead, contact, and opportunity management.


  • Professional focus on companies that have a smaller scale than enterprises but larger than small businesses.

  • It gives access to tools from the Essentials plan with additional features such as collaborative forecasting and Lead Registration, and Rules-Based Lead Scoring.


  • This edition is evidently for Enterprises and is the most popular plan among businesses.

  • It allows workflow and approval automation while also making the CRM customizable with code.


  • Unlimited provides the ultimate Sales cloud Experience.

  • It is recommended for companies with multiple sales departments, you acquire 24/7 support and configuration services from Salesforce and the Enterprise features.

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