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Our solutions help you in qualitative and quantitative monitoring of how customer interact with your company. Our goal is to provide you with 360 degree view of your customers which can help in generating meaningful insights and enable you to deliver truly personalized customer experiences.

Why is there a need for Customer Behavior Analysis?

Customer expectations are increasing and companies are being pressured to understand customers at each engagement. While conventional analytical technology has helped companies understand how their products and services interact with their customers. Advanced analysis has become important to deliver more tailored experiences and increase opportunities.


Cloud Primero helps enterprises throughout every industry acquire a comprehensive 360-degree view of client interactions, managing and analyzing enormous volumes of Customer information from sources such as web blogs to CRM and customer call recordings.


How does it work?


Segmenting the Audience

The first step in conducting a study of client behavior is by categorizing your client base. In doing so, a wide range of criteria is crucial to use. Consider demographic variables such as gender, age, and geography, but also keep an eye on engagement trends such as web activity, favorite media channels, and shopping online.


Identify Key Benefits for Each Group of Customers

Each consumer has their unique reason and it is essential to find it. Hence we look beyond only the product or service and consider the external elements that influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. For instance, was it for ease to buy? Or did the client decide to search your brand consciously?


Allocate Quantitative Data

The first two processes assist us in extracting high-quality data, while the following stage is to get measurable client information. Some data can be more accessible than others, so it is necessary to collect information from external and internal sources, which guarantees an overview of micro and macro customer trends.


Compare Quantitative and Qualitative Data

The next stage is to compare the qualitative data with the quantitative one after acquiring the data. We use the data sets as a reference for this through our customer journey map. For example, look at who purchased what product, when they purchased it and where. Have they come back for a visit? By comparing the two data sets with the customer experience, you will become aware of your customers’ journey.


Apply the Analysis to a Campaign

It is time to profit from it now that you understand the behavior of your customers. As we talked about before, you may optimize the delivery of your material with your findings. Choose for each person the optimal distribution channel and take advantage of chances to customize the customer experience.


Analyze the Result

Once we’ve been given enough time to test, we now determine the influence of our modified campaigns, using methods such as conversion rate, acquisition costs, and client lifetime value. The outcomes need to be analyzed continually, as new technologies, policies, and events influence the needs of our customers constantly. A continuous review of the analysis guarantees that you are aware of new patterns through the consumer’s path.


Cloud Primero features built-in analytics, AI capabilities, and decision-making formulae for its intelligent engagement platform. It discovers opportunities and automates individual client commitments in the most relevant manner proactively and precisely. All of this is supported by Customer DNA which creates rich, multiattribute profiles, including devices’ data, that can enable your company to deepen their customer knowledge. In addition, the intuitive user interface facilitates the use of the platform by business users while IT and analysis retain control and supervision.


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Let`s work together!

Send us your details and one of our business analysts will call you back to explore possibilities of helping you with your business ambitions.