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Our ETL solutions can collect, deal and process progressively large volumes of data, also allowing you to clean, mold and transform it as per the need of the business. We are here to completely transform your data management systems and enable your organization to make data driven decisions

How the process works

In the initial step of an ETL process, data from the source system is extracted. This is, in many cases, the central part of ETL, as the extraction of data correctly lays the groundwork for the success of further procedures. Data from diverse source systems combine most data warehousing initiatives. Each different system may also use a distinct data organization and format. Common data sources are related databases, XML, JSON, and flat file formats. The extraction phase is aimed at transforming the data into a single transformation format.

A series of rules or functions for the extracted data is applied during the data transformation stage to prepare it for loading into the final goal. For example, data cleansing, which only wants to pass “correct” data to the target, is an essential transformation function.

In the final stage, loading the data is the ultimate goal: a simple flat file or a data storage facility. This method varies greatly, depending on the requirements of the company. For example, some data warehouses might overwrite current data with cumulative data; daily, weekly or monthly updates of extracted data are often carried out. Other data warehouses may, at regular intervals, provide new information in a historic form – for example, hourly.

Critical Components of Cloud Primero’s ETL Tool

Auditing and Logging

This refers to the Detailed logging within the ETL framework for data auditing after completing the loading process. This approach can debug issues as and when they are disclosed.

Multiple data source format

Suitable for pulling data from several sources, such as the API, the back-end applications, and other particular databases. Compatible for several data formats.
A single tool to make sense of all the data available.


Every time your company’s value and volume of data increases, our ETL tools are supported by scalability to guarantee that all aspects of your organization are ready to develop and grow your business.


Any odd data discrepancies can be addressed by supporting notices that intimidate users or developers of weaknesses. So, if it matters most, you have insights
into your data.

Choose your Plan from our Business Intelligence Services

1. Easy-to-use Interface

Our software offers the same level of usability and approach for developers and non-developers, thanks to its familiar look, feel, and code-free environment.

2. High performance

It distributes work across multiple nodes with a cluster-based architecture and thus accelerates the integration and transformation of large data sets.

3. Data Mapping

Businesses can easily integrate, parse and build complex XML, JSON, and EDI files with the wide range of advanced transformations available.

4. Process integration

Ensure data integration and free resources using our ETL software’s powerful process orchestration capabilities. FTP uploads and downloads, SQL execution, emails, and more are included in the included workflow feature.

Let`s work together!

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will call you back to explore possibilities of helping you with your business ambitions.

Let`s work together!

Send us your details and one of our business analysts will call you back to explore possibilities of helping you with your business ambitions.