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Avio Pro is an international aviation products company, an authorized shell aviation lubricants’ distributor since 2013, headquartered in UAE. Avio Pro’s value proposition is to provide original product quality and superior service, made possible by working with certified vendors. Avio Pro has its presence in main international aviation hubs worldwide through highly qualified personnel in the supply chain, which ensures excellent product delivery with technical support. This practice helps the company achieve cost-efficiency alongside having timely deliveries. It also allows them to support their customers where they operate, meet their operational objectives, and create value to enhance operational excellence.

INDUSTRY:          Aviation, Supply Chain

LOCATION:          Dubai, UAE



Increase in Operational Efficiency


faster data retrieval and report generation


departments digitized


Avio Pro required an ERP implementation to automate their Accounts, Inventory & Warehouse Management, Customer Relation Management, and Sales. They also wanted to completely digitize RFQs from clients by getting real-time synchronization whenever one is posted and automating the process of generating quotations without any human intervention. They also sought to categorize their customer and want a system that can identify each category and apply a different margin to each so that generating RPQs is as fast as possible at the time of sales.

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Cloud Primero created a BI-enabled ERP solution with data visualizing dashboards that enabled a bird’s eye view for the entire company, which allowed tracking KPIs in a glance rather than digging into the database to find relevant data spread over years of transactions. The ERP modules are centered around requirements shared by Avio Pro (Accounts, Inventory & Warehouse Management, Customer Relationship Management, Sales). Still, the expansion of the solution is possible to cover all other departments such as HR, Assets, Quality Control, Buying, and Support. In addition, the solution is cloud-hosted and mobile-enabled, giving users access to the company on the fly.




The ERP solution automated all business processes such as RFQs, Billing & Pricing, Journals, payments, Warehouse management, Item pricing, Stock Transactions, etc. With the new system, every transaction is trackable, while checkpoints through our advanced algorithms ensure smooth and optimized operations at all times by enforcing KPIs dictated by the AvioPro management. Along with automating the business processes and digitizing the company, Cloud Primero also helped Avio Pro produce data visualizations that enhanced their data analysis capabilities exponentially, thus ensuring that the core business processes are digitally automated.

User Management Module (2) 1
User Management Module (2) 1

Azfar Ashary

Co-founder and COO

Cloud Primero has offered us a great solution, which is straightforward, user-friendly, accessible on multiple platforms, and tailored to Avio Pro’s goals as well as our audiences

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