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What is Sales Cloud?

As the name suggests, Sales Cloud is an easy-to-use and customizable cloud-based application with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model designed to help your sales department by centralizing customer information, logging their interactions with your company, and automating everyday tasks. Furthermore, it gives real-time information on their team’s activities.



It becomes challenging for sales employees to keep track of leads while managing other tasks in a competitive market.



All these issues are solved with Sales Cloud, especially with its “re-imagined” version, Sales Cloud 360, making digital selling more accessible.

Linking With Other Apps

Sales Cloud is very versatile. The product allows integration of other salesforce applications and products such as ERPs and Appexchange applications through APIs.

Lead Management

Sales Cloud helps you bring your leads to a close. With a priority system and a user-friendly interface, your team can easily track leads and make better decisions.

Convenient and Efficient

Sales Cloud brings everything into one place, making it easier for users to navigate during their work and increasing overall productivity. Customer information such as contact details and activities are easily accessible, and it is easy to contact the members of your team with an inbuilt chat function. Since all tasks will become automated, there is little task for the sales managers and reps to do manually.

Personalized for Your Business

It is expensive, money, and time-wise to build a CRM from scratch. However, Salesforce has been part of the CRM industry for two decades and has developed enough reputation to be declared one of the best CRM for businesses. The Sales cloud has all features related to sales processes and allows the expansion of its features with Salesforce’s own marketplace, which can be integrated easily.

Global Market

Salesforce is currently aiming to make the virtual market accessible. With Sales Cloud 360, virtual sales are possible. It also allows better communication with Salesforce Meetings, a video chat function. It will enable teams to function regardless of their location, making the work process easier and hassle-free.

Shortens Sale Cycle

With the automation, easy integration, and quick access to information, Salesforce reduces the time it takes for each task to be completed and, as a result, shows more productivity and progress overall in the team’s work

Key Features

What makes Sales Cloud different from the other products provided by Salesforce are its key features that are beneficial for both sales managers and sales reps:

Paths and Timelines

Now you can make a roadmap with Sales Cloud. The feature lets Sales managers create a path of actions and processes that need to be performed by the team while also providing a proper layout for the project, bringing everyone to the same page.


As for other team members, they can manage their own activities with the timeline feature while also receiving an overview of their previous activities in the form of a record.

Opportunity Management

Sales Cloud makes Opportunity management easier. Close more deals and remain updated on possible leads. Sales Cloud lets you track contact information, quotes, competition, and how close you are to set up your deal.

Performance Tracker

Sales Managers can now track every member’s performance with dashboards and reports generated with Sales Cloud. It can also be used to forecast sales and show your revenue growth by measuring pipeline accuracy in real-time, which can help you make better decisions.

Products and Price Books

Sales Cloud allows manipulation of prices of products and services and lets you even provide discounts for certain parties. It does not cause any conflict and removes the need to manage costs manually.

Process Automation

Sales Cloud helps you streamline and automate daily sales tasks like workflows, activity tracking, email alerts, automatic field updates, etc. This allows sales managers to work on more important tasks such as analyzing performances and boosting sales.


Sales Cloud Einstein

With Sales Cloud Einstein, sales managers can make better sales predictions with the power of AI while also allowing smarter and more analytical opportunities, leads and pipeline, and forecast management.


Contact Management

The sales team can now accurately and conveniently contact their clients as Sales Cloud provides their account and contact information, including social media, in one place.

Lightning Voice

With the Lightning Voice feature, you can directly call your clients with a single click. Moreover, it also adds contact information directly to your record once a lead or an opportunity account is added. It builds a log of your calls and also allows note-taking within these logs.

Mobile CRM

This provides an on-the-go CRM experience. You can now make calls, respond to leads, and track performance on your phone, regardless of your location, with the added functionality of customization with mySalesforce.

Pricing Editions

Salesforce provides a plan and different cloud editions, catering to the need of every business and industry:


  • Essentials is a place concentrated on small businesses, having smaller sales teams.

  • It gives access to basic tools such as sales tasks and reports, email integration, Salesforce Mobile App, and lead, contact, and opportunity management.


  • Professional focus on companies that have a smaller scale than enterprises but larger than small businesses.

  • It gives access to tools from the Essentials plan with additional features such as collaborative forecasting and Lead Registration, and Rules-Based Lead Scoring.


  • This edition is evidently for Enterprises and is the most popular plan among businesses.

  • It allows workflow and approval automation while also making the CRM customizable with code.


  • Unlimited provides the ultimate Sales cloud Experience.

  • It is recommended for companies with multiple sales departments, you acquire 24/7 support and configuration services from Salesforce and the Enterprise features.

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